Sunday, 12 February 2012

"Go see Joe Harper, Saturday morning, kid"

Researching ideas for a feature article about someone called Joe when I was reminded of this Van Morrison song. I came across it on a CD of session recordings at Bang complete with "let's take it from the beginning" and "put your snow boots on" added colour. Comments on YouTube suggest that the Band are the musicians, with Robbie Robertson playing guitar, although others suggest Eric Clapton. I don't recognise the guitar style but definitely early Van Morrison themes ... "I asked you for half a pound and you said Go see Joe Harper Saturday morning kid" and "And just stood outside the club and the rain came down On his head and he got all soakin' wet", word pictures of the ordinary.


  1. the lead guitar sounds plausibly like Robbie Robertson to me. i would love to know for sure. love this tune that's for sure

  2. Comes back to you, doesn't it? When you're fishing or wandering about.