Saturday, 7 April 2012

Free writing.

Funny, now I've started writing something, I'm set to go. Well, there's a moral there: just do it. I specially like the environment at Chelsea Library, though, very conducive to writing, but would do better with a coffee place. Although I suppose that coffee and books may not mix.

Six minutes to go. Save your work, it's warned me. So polite. Lots of interesting books to read, once you start ferreting.

I read an article by the Third Sector Research Centre - interesting thesis about the need for strategic narrative (strategic true stories)? I want to respond with other ideas:
- space contested by other sectors as well as within the sector.
- links with network theory, social media
- is what we are doing with the consortia big narrative? are we still about defense and resilience?

Also taken by some of Michael Rosen's writing and would really like to see Under the Cranes on 29th April.

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